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Rescue History

Our collection is shown in chronological order, in their original surroundings. First of all, our visitors get a glimpse into the past of Hungarian ambulance and first aid work, beginning with the early days of ”barber-surgeons”, followed by the Budapest Volunteer Ambulance Unit, giving way to the formation of city ambulance units later. We introduce emergency medical procedures used at the turn of the century, the history of ambulances from horse-drawn carriage until 1948, to the nationalization of rescue. After then we present the foundation of provincial rescue associations, especially the Counties and Cities Ambulance Organization (Vármegyék és Városok Mentő Egyesülete – VVOME) which was created in 1926 by Elemér Paulikovics.

In the main exhibition room, the Orovecz Béla room, you can get acquainted with the history of the National Ambulance Service, founded in 1948. Our visitors get a glimpse into the daily practice of ambulance’s life, controlling, communication techniques, etc.

In thematic arrangements, you can view ambulance equipments, for instance respiration techniques, electro-therapies and cardiovascular diagnostics. In addition to the presentation of this special equipment, visitors can learn about the history of the Special Ambulance Unit (Rohamkocsi szolgálat – ROKO). This was the world's first ambulance car with doctor unit (oxiologist). It was launched in Budapest.

Visitors can view exciting and interesting short films in our screening room.